Learning about Jesus

Sunday School:


Junior and Senior High
Grades Pre–School through 6th Grade
Nursery during Sunday School and Worship Service
Adult Sunday School with many choices for all tastes

For Kids
Nursery Birth to age 5. We enjoy a Bible study, arts and crafts, bible games, singing, trivia questins for marshmallows and of course, a snack. This class is led by Krista Winkelblech and Connie McClenahan.

Early Elementary Ages 5-8. Grace Irwin and Marcie Lynch teach this class, designed to introduce kids to the Bible by memorizing Bible verses, discussing Bible stories and applying concepts to the everyday life of a child. We enjoy talking about weekly activities, and it is our goal to help every child feel special and supported in a positive environment. It is our responsibility, along with Jim Ash, to “ring the bell” to let all the folks of Centre Hall know that Church is about to begin!

Tweens Ages 9-13. Linda Hosterman and Nancy Stoner lead this class of kids. Not quite teenagers, this class is designed specifically for the “Tween,” who are mainly fifth and sixth graders, although we do have some fourth, seventh and eighth graders. Each lesson starts with scripture and is supported with fun activities and discussion. We end each lesson by reciting the Apostles Creed and prayer. This group, called Young Disciples, also meets one Sunday each month to do cool things like going to Stoner’s Camp or Linda’s house, finishing with pizza!

For Teens
Senior High Ages 14-20. Led by Jay Reeder, this class meets in the church basement classroom. Comfy couches and chairs make this a relaxing area for guys and gals. We are currently discussing the Nooma DVD Series – the best thing is to show up and see what it’s all about. Relax, learn, share. Come!

For Adults
Cellar Dwellars You are welcome to join in. If you haven’t attended in the past, now is a great time to start!

This class is an adult class that meets in the kitchen. We always have coffee brewing and pancakes are available each Sunday. We cover a large range of topics and frequently use videos to focus our discussions. Topics range from parenting to Bible study to religions of the world, with a focus on life applications.

We are a friendly group and invite anyone wiht an interest in having a good time, a lively discussion and sharing their cooking skills to join us.
Bible Explorers We call ourselves Explorers because we like to explore the Bible to discover and understand the words of the Bible for the people of those times and, hopefully, see that those words are relevant also for us in these present, and even future, times.
Relaxed and informal discussions (often over coffee, tea and brownies) occur as we move along. The various and voluntary viewpoints of class members enriches each one of us as we listen.
Interest in the Bible (not age or experience) is all that is asked of participants. Hope that’s YOU! Discussion leader: Bill Arnold.
Adult Discussion Group This class is located in the second classroom on the left, as you exit the sanctuary. Adults ages 55 and older (there is no need to bring your ID, we’ll take your word for it) gather to study from the Cokesbury International Studies guide. This fall, the topic of Genesis will be discussed. Learn more about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac, Joseph’s Dream, and how Jacob blesses his family. Led by Barb Koll and Jim Ash, this class enjoys a good laugh every now and again! Come join us Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30.


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