Meet the Pastor:


It is a great joy for me to be appointed to a congregation with such a rich history of service to the Centre Hall community. In talking with the leadership and hearing what the community says about Grace, I know that you are truly a beacon of hope to your neighbors.

Everything from the Hope fund to your youth programming, you live your faith. You truly have heard and taken to heart the words of John when he said, “We know what real love is because Christ gave up His life for us. And so, we ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.” (I John 3:16)

I look forward to getting to know your passions and history. The fruit of Grace’s passions are very evident. I look forward to what I am sure will be a rich future together. My prayer is for God to bless the ministries that our hands will work so hard in.

Pastor Mark

Pastor’s Office:  814-364-1733                                                                                 Pastor’s Cell Phone:  717-679-1279                                                                         Pastor’s Email:

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